Yuri Kaplunovich is a multidisciplinary Canadian artist who works in a wide array of metals, stone and glass. Working from his studio in Caledon, Ontario, his sculptures are focused on infinite colour variations and interactions with various metal patinas. He also exploits the heating and cooling properties of copper, bronze and pewter in its molten state by creating intricate naturalistic liquid flows. His works can be described as visual symbols of archaic forms that are derived from ancient script, symbolism, and mythological signs. 
His process involves the use of a welding torch which is used almost as if it were a pencil or pen that could “draw” molten metal. Working directly with the material, his design layouts are purely elemental and his focus is on handmade fabrication, forming, and assembly techniques. They are unlike most bronze sculptures as they are truly one of a kind pieces that are created without the use of molds or traditional casting techniques. Welding, brazing, and soldering are the primary methods by which he creates his sculptures. Each piece is directly from the artist’s hand and is not reproduced. His subject matter deals with figurative, abstract, and naturalistic imagery. He aims to project an image of harmony through his pieces as they exemplify the essence of combining separate and distinct materials into one united piece. 
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