I consider the role of art to be a relationship between the creator and the viewer: The creator, who learned to work within a medium and to respect its qualities. The viewer, who interprets with fresh eyes what feeling and message the creator hoped to convey. This exchange, what I call the 'inhale and exhale', was all about giving space to created pieces, so they were released into their own life as something 'brand new' apart from their creator.
Yuri Kaplunovich is a Canadian contemporary multidisciplinary artist based in Perth, Ontario.
Originally from Ukraine, Yuri studied at the School of Fine Arts in Kherson, Ukraine. He also studied at the Belarussian Academy of Design and received a Masters in Art & Design.
His work to date has embraced numerous artistic mediums, including bronze and stainless steel sculpture, illustrative graphic work in watercolor and ink, as well as mixed media pieces. He also explores the reactions between diverse materials, as well as their unique and unpredictable natures. Through this process, Yuri seeks to explore the visual evolution and mutations that art can undergo throughout the cycle of creation.Over the past 25 years, in addition to his personal practice, Yuri has worked in art foundries, including Artcast in Georgetown, Ontario and at Omanut in Israel. At these foundries, Yuri worked alongside international artists, sculpting in bronze and other mediums.  His art was presented in exhibitions in Eastern Europe and Middle East, featured in Canadian and international public and private collections.
As a multidisciplinary Canadian artist, I am known for my figurative paintings, drawings, and sculptures that depict surreal and dreamlike scenes, as well as symbolic images of people, animals, and landscapes.

My art is inspired by the harmonious flow and wholeness of nature, which I strive to capture through the use of various materials and techniques. I aim to share ideas and concepts that inspire audiences to appreciate and value the beauty of nature in everything, by weaving together ornamental details and natural elements from the world around us. Through my creative process, I explore the intricate and unbreakable ties between people and the environment, inviting the viewer to reflect on their own relationship with nature.

Professional summary
Multidisciplinary artist who works with a range of materials and has over 30 years of experience patinating and finishing fine art metals. Specialize in contemporary sculptures made of bronze, brass, stainless steel, and copper, as well as paintings and drawings. Depicting surreal, dream-like scenes and symbolic images of humans, animals, and landscapes. Active exhibiting artist.  

School of Fine Arts in Kherson, Ukraine 1980-1988
MA in Art Design Belarussian Academy of Design  1988 -1993
Stained glass course Thornhill, Ontario  2005 
Woodworking  Rosewood Studio, School of Fine Woodworking Perth, Ontario 2022

1987 “Young artist”  Group Exhibition- Ukraine Kherson public art gallery
1989 “Art festival” Group Exhibition- Belarus ,Vitebsk Center of the Modern art 
1993 “Show of life “ Group Exhibition - Belarus ,Vitebsk fine Art gallery 
1995 “Omanut “ Group Exhibition-Israel,Tzfat General Safed exhibition center        
1998 ‘’Color palette ” Group Exhibition-Israel, Haifa Auditorium exhibition and concert hall
2004 “Art of the neighborhood” Group Exhibition- Canada, Richmond Hill, Mill pond gallery 
2008 “New work” Solo Exhibition- Canada , Oakville Towne Square gallery
2020 ”Drawing Unlimited” Group Exhibition- Canada,Toronto Propeller gallery 
2020 “In the Mix “  Group Exhibition- Canada, Caledon Headwaters art Alton Mill gallery 
2020 “68th Colour and form society “ Group Juried Online  Exhibition- Canada    
2022 “ Contemporary art’’  Group Exhibition- Canada, Perth Studio 87 gallery
His work can be found in private collections in the United States, Canada, Ireland, Israel, Ukraine, and Belarus.

Thumbnail Sketches- “Going With The Flow” 
By E.C. Munson
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